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I have been in this business for over 22 years. I actually was a broker for about 8, however since 2017, I have stayed away from brokering loans (as much as humanly possible), as I have gotten very comfortable with keeping loans in house (I like the control). However, I had a loan that was outside of our parameters, and I really wanted to help the clients. The borrower had a BK just over a year ago, and I asked our Product Development Manager what company I could send it out to, and he immediately replied – “You should definitely send it to John (Madarang) at Greenbox.” 

After our first conversation, John completely put my mind at ease, and it reminded me of the good old days when you had reps that you trusted, understood their products, and you just knew they had your back and would do whatever possible to make you look good. I am not going to sugar coat it, there was definitely some hiccups on the way; it seems like something is wrong with your operating system, as we submitted the same conditions repeatedly and would continue to have them on our updated Approvals. With that said, I am a realist and understand some issues are always going to arise, what I am most appreciative is how John handled our problems and concerns. It looked like we were going to miss the COE, and I DO NOT miss COEs…but more than that, these clients were in a hotel for over a week, and any extra time would have crushed our borrower’s spirit. Once again, John Madarang stepped up, and played the role of Superman. He and Gladys Santos really came through for us, and these people, and for that I will always be grateful. 

You have a couple of really AMAZING people working for you, and because of them I will not only continue to use your company, I will let the owner of my company know the level of service I was provided. 

Happy Holidays!!!!

Kevin B. | Homeowners Financial Group

Scottsdale, AZ

Amin Langston, our Account Executive, provided impeccable service on a recent transaction. GreenBox Loans was able to help me close on a very complicated home loan for one of my self-employed borrowers. We were able to utilize their 24-month bank statement program to bring this deal to fruition. This is not the first time that GreenBox has saved the day. I will definitely utilize them again and again for all of my Non QM mortgage needs.

Wanda D.

Richmond Hill, GA

Hey Tiffany,

Just wanted to drop you a quick note and take a second to recognize yours and Greenbox effort on our transaction. We work with many lending partners and a handful of
non-qm lenders and so far this experience has been far better than our previous experience with GB and definitely better than our experiences with our other non-qm folks.

Hope you have a great Friday.

Thank you!

Dain Essary | AFC360 Mortgage Center

Sacramento, CA

I’ve been out of the business for a spell and recently started doing loans again. So happy that somethings haven’t changed and that is the responsiveness of Nyeisha Peterson with Greenbox Loans. With everything turning from paper to systematic, it’s a true comfort to be able to talk to someone routinely about products and my loans. Thank you Ny for being there.

Cristal G. | Fairway Asset Corp

Powhatan, VA

Nyiesha Peterson is my account executive and she does a great job in helping me find the right program and is very kind. I would recommend her and Greenbox!

Bobby Bruce S.

Pear Park, Grand Junction, CO

I am the CEO of my own company I have closed two deals with my Account Executive Oshan . She’s always available , always answering my phone calls . She has assisted me in larger deals in the million dollar range . Thanks to Jamel and Jack her managers for assisting us with any questions and available to assist . I will be sending all my Non Prime and Non QM loans to her . You are the best Oshan and we will be doing a lot of business in the future

Alex D.

Atlanta, GA

Excellent service! They specialize in ALT A products or what was once called subprime loans. People with experience in the market know that these loans have their own set of particularities and conditions that make them unique. Greenbox offers an array of products that no one else offers in the market and of course each particular case has its own set of obstacles and conditions to satisfy, but no matter how difficult those set of conditions can be, you can always trust in Greenbox and their personnel in helping you close your loans.

Jorge A.

Miramar, FL

I just got docs on a crazy tough file showing no income only bank statements with a short sale seasoned less then 4 yrs. They gave my client a great rate. i was able to navigate normally through their system and their Under Writer  Sammy and Account Executive Kevin and the rest of the staff are good people. I will submit more loans to them for sure with no hesitation”

Jimmy A.

Glendora, CA

Lorraine is A SUPER STAR Underwriter and helped my file get to the finish line by working early AM’s and Late PM’s!  Thank you for your hard work on my Phillips file another 1.4ml BAMM!

Keith V.

Danville, CA

Greenbox has closed loans that other lenders have not been able to close.  The company is easy to deal with and their staff is spectacular.  Especially, the UW and Account manager, Sevag and Victor.  They have been there every step of the way to insure our loans close timely.  It’s not common for an UW to call  and go over key points of your file.  Most underwriters simply send conditions and keep going with their day, but this busy Underwriter will answer your questions in lightning speed and as a processor, this is important to me. So if you have an out of the box loan, Greenbox is the way to go!

Maggie P.

Doral, FL

I had a loan that just funded in 10 days with this lender. For the most part because of the account rep Cindy Campo and her excellent team. The underwriter Consuelo Lay was very easy to work with and always had a positive demeanor. They pushed this file even though it was month end and they had a lot of files on their plate. Our team really appreciates Greenbox mortgage. If you are not sure where to send your deals look no further.

Lisa S.

Long Beach, CA

As a lender, Greenbox helps save the day! The programs are flexible and the staff are super accommodating. Oscar, the team lead, has helped me on several occasions fix loans for borrowers that have been turned down at other lenders.

In addition to the programs, the company as a whole helps push our files when needed. As a lender, it took me a while to understand Greenbox’s loans. After I understood the type of loans and the items requested for the items, the underwriting items became very clear.

Greenbox is not used for every loan program. But they are the best for the type of programs they do offer.

Lauren and Vinson H.

Berkeley, CA

As a 15 year self-employed real estate agent I have my choice of several lenders and lending connections. Many promise over the top expectations, but never deliver. This was NOT the case with GreenBox. They delivered in BIG way!! After a frustrating experience getting denied with another broker who didn’t fully understand my finances as they relate to jumbo financing guidelines I turned my attention to Raymond Eshaghian and his Team at Green Box loans. Communication is a big part of the mortgage experience and it was a pleasure working with everyone at GreenBox. They answered the phone and return emails in a timely manner, making sure my needs were met and I was constantly in the loop. Most importantly, they understood my situation and were able to work around several guideline restraints I faced with other banks. Lastly they gave me sound advice as to which program to choose which made me feel like my needs came first.  My family and I couldn’t be happier and I am SO thankful for the opportunity to work with this great company. It was seamless process with attractive interest rates and excellent customer service. I highly recommend GreenBox Loans!

Scott R.

La Jolla, CA

I just completed my refinance with Greenbox and couldn’t be more pleased. It was a Jumbo non-conventional loan with a number of complicating factors. Everyone there was very responsive, including direct involvement from Raymond Eshaghian, the President of the company, to push the process through the finish line. I highly recommend Greenbox.

Phil L.

Alamo, CA

I have been a mortgage broker for 25+ years and can attest that Non Prime lenders are hit or miss. Nothing like conventional. I would like to say that Greenbox Loans has gone above and beyond to assist in closing loans. As with any lender, if the loan application was taken correctly and submitted promptly with necessary supporting documentation, it is underwritten in a timely manner, not having the realtors scurry to get extensions or the mortgage broker or lender driving the clients nuts for additional documentation. Many lenders will have issues in their processing/underwriting of loans, but typically will adapt and make the necessary corrections in their process to ensure any delays don’t happen again. This lender is one of those. They stepped up to the plate many times, and if there were issues, no matter who was at fault they
rectified what was wrong and made the extra effort to close the loan. I cannot say that for many of the other Non Prime lenders we’ve used that have resurfaced since the crash of 07. Rates and closing costs are very competitive, combined with the excellent customer service we have witnessed on the wholesale side make Greenbox a winner in our industry

Chris G.

Wellington, FL

Just bought a house used them as a mortgage company. Amy was my underwriter, she did a great job keeping everything simple and easy for me and my wife. I don’t know about this company as a whole but Amy Sadfye is incredible, I will defiantly be using her again.

Billy M.

Newhall, CA

There is no such thing as a complicated loan for these guys.  I had my refinance in 3 different mortgage banks and no one could help.  Plus they wasted almost a year of my time.  A friend recommended GreenBox and they took care of me.  In no time  they closed my loan. They are super professional and communicated every step of the way. Highly recommend them! !!

Diane C.

Walnut, CA

I had an opportunity to work with Greenbox Loans two months ago.  I am very satisfied. My re-fi was not easy because of I owned some properties that were affected by the real estate dive of 2008 and my near perfect credit score had taken a big hit.  Nevertheless, I received great advice from Raymond.  He did exactly what he said he was going to do and has a great sense of getting the job done!  I must mention Rose.  She was incredible – and I don’t use that word too often.  She was SUPER responsive and when she said ‘call me anytime’ she meant it and would always answer her phone.  I would highly recommend Greenbox Loans.  Thank you Raymond and Rose!

James L.

Chino, CA

Great to do business with them everything went smooth and staff very professional I will definitively recommend them for your mortgage business. Thank you Greenbox loans!

Oswaldo J.

Harbor City, CA